450.000.000 images, 16 TB of traffic - each month

Images.weserv.nl is an image cache & resize proxy

Our servers resize your image, cache it worldwide, and display it.
- We don't support animated images (yet).
- We do support GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, XBM, WebP and other filetypes!
- We also support transparent images.
- Full IPv6 support, serving dual stack, and supporting IPv6-only origin hosts.
- SSL support, you can use https://images.weserv.nl/.
This can be very useful for embedding HTTP images on HTTPS websites. HTTPS origin hosts can be used by prefixing the hostname with ssl:

We're part of the CloudFlare community. Images are being cached and delivered straight from 34 global datacenters. This ensures the fastest load times and best performance.

Requesting an image:
- ?url= (URL encoded) link to your image, without http://
- &h= maximum height of image (optional)
- &w= maximum width of image (optional)
Example: <img src="http://images.weserv.nl/?url=www.google.nl/logos/logo.gif&h=30" />

Choose JPEG compression level:
- &q= any value between 0 and 95 (optional)
This parameter is only effective for JPEG-images. If you don't specify a quality it defaults to 85.

Choose transformation:
- &t= fit (default) or fitup or square or squaredown or absolute (optional)

h=45 w=45
h=45 w=45
h=45 w=45

t=fitup is the same as t=fit, but allows overscaling of the original image.
t=squaredown is the same as t=square, but won't upscale the original image.

Choose image alignment:
- &a= t (top) or b (bottom) or l (left) or r (right) (optional)
Only works when t=square, and the image needs to be cropped in height (t or b) or width (l or r). For more information, please see the suggestion on our UserVoice forum: #2570350 - Aligning

Trim borders from image:
- &trim= sensitivity between 0 and 255 (optional)
You also can specify just &trim, which defaults to a sensitivity of 10.
More info: #3083264 - Able to remoce black/white whitespace

Circle crop image:
- &circle (optional)
Crops the image to a circle.
More info: #3910149 - Add circle effect to photos

Interlacing and progressive rendering:
- &il (optional)
Adds interlacing to GIF and PNG. JPEG's become progressive.
More info: #3998911 - Add parameter to use progressive JPEGs

Return the image as base64-encoded string: New!
- &encoding= base64 (optional)
Encodes the image to be used directly in the src= of the <img>-tag.
More info: #4522336 - Return image base64 encoded

Choose the output format: New!
- &output= png or jpg or gif (optional)

Choose how the proxy outputs the thumbnail, if none is given, it will honor the origin image format. More info: #5097964 - Format conversion

Uptime & Response Time